Divisional Court upholds Superior Court decision that a pregnancy impacts the notice period of a terminated employee

A recent decision by the Divisional Court, called Nahum v Honeycomb Hospitality Inc., the Court was required to decide the question of whether a pregnancy should increase the length of a notice period of an employee who had their employment terminated whilst pregnant. The employer was not aware that she was pregnant at the time […]

Vaccination Policies in the Unionized Environment – What Do the Cases Say?

Since the introduction of Covid-19 vaccinations in early 2021, some employees have refused to get vaccinated for a variety of reasons including privacy, personal belief, medical or religious reasons. In response to the pandemic, many employers have implemented mandatory vaccine policies in an effort to provide safe workplaces. Some policies are being challenged by unions […]

Tribunal awards employee $2,000 in damages for sexually explicit text message

In the decision Young v O-I Canada Corp 2020 HRTO 879, an employee brought an application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal alleging discrimination with respect to sex, including sexual harassment. The employee, David Young, was a Millwright Maintenance Mechanic, who had a relationship at the plant with another employee (“L.C.”). The relationship ended, and […]

What are the Termination Requirements for Construction Workers in Ontario Again?

As it currently stands, non-unionized construction workers are not entitled to notice of termination, termination pay, or severance pay pursuant to the O.Reg.288/01 of the Employment Standards Act, 2000. A construction employee is defined as follows by the ESA: “construction employee” means, (a) an employee employed at the site in any of the activities described […]