Supreme Court of Canada allows Uber Driver Class Action for Minimum Wage

On June 26, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a landmark decision which has opened up the door for an enormous class action lawsuit by Uber drivers for minimum wage. To become an Uber driver, individuals were required accept a standard services agreement which provided that they were independent contractors and that any dispute […]

COVID-19: A Summary of Legislated Changes Related to the Emergency

COVID-19 has resulted in a flurry of changes to legislation throughout Ontario and Canada. In order to stay on top of the changes, we have provided a summary of the changes to Ontario and the Federal legislation below: Ontario Ontario modified the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”), by implementing the Emergency Leave: Declared Emergencies and […]

Ontario Court of Appeal Terminates another Termination Clause

The Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that another termination clause in an employment contract is unenforceable.  In Waksdale v. Swegon North America Inc., the Court was asked to determine the legal impact of an illegal termination for cause provision on an otherwise enforceable termination without cause provision. The Employer admitted that the “with cause” […]