Duty to Accommodate does not include a “duty to allow an employee not to work”, Court holds

In Ontario Public Service Employees Union v. Ontario (Children and Youth Services), the Divisional Court upheld the decision of the Ontario Grievance Board. The Board held that the employer had not breached its duty to accommodate the employee’s disability when it terminated his employment on the ground of innocent absenteeism. Mr. Bartolotta, who worked as […]

$50,000.00 in Punitive Damages Awarded to Dismissed Employee for Breach of the Duty of Good Faith

In Morison v. Ergo-Industrial Seating Systems Inc., the Ontario Superior Court found not only that the Plaintiff was wrongfully dismissed, but that the employer had made allegations of just cause with no reasonable support in order to improve its negotiation position. The Plaintiff was a 58-year old regional manager of who had been in the […]

Legislative Update – Amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code will create protections based on gender identity or expression

On May 17, 2016, Bill C 16 – An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code passed first reading in the Senate. The federal Bill proposes amendments to the Canadian Human Rights Act, which seeks to extend equal opportunities in employment and provision of services, without hindrance from discriminatory practices […]

Decision to Dismiss Discrimination Complaint of Employee was Unreasonable

In Dupuis v. Canada (Attorney General), the Federal Court granted the Application for Judicial Review of a Canadian Human Right’s decision to dismiss the employee’s complaint alleging discrimination on the basis of disability. Mr. Dupuis was employed in the Public Service of Canada since 1988. For the first few years of his employment with Statistics […]

Three Months’ Service Employee Entitled to Damages for the Entire Duration of Fixed-Term Contract

In Ballim v. Bausch & Lomb Canada Inc., the Ontario Superior Court of Justice determined that Samina Ballim was wrongfully dismissed by her employer, Bausch and Lomb Canada Inc., on the basis that she was terminated before the expiration of the term of her fixed-term contract of employment. Ms. Ballim discussed the possibility of employment […]