Employer Health Tax – Who is the Employer in a Tripartite Relationship?

The Court of Appeal has rendered a decision concerning the Employer Health Tax (“EHT”) and in particular, where an employee is hired through a Temporary Placement Agency, who is responsible for paying this tax. In the case of Azur Human Resources Ltd. v. Ontario (Minister of Revenue) the case dealt with an appeal by a […]

The Enforceability of Termination Clauses and the Waiver of Common Law Notice

On May 5, 2019, the Ontario Court of Appeal released the Ariss v. NORR Limited Architects & Engineers decision. The majority decision from the Court of Appeal is an important decision for employers regarding the enforceability of termination clause in employment agreements. In 2002, NORR acquired the company that employed Mr. Ariss and continued his […]

Dependant Contractors – More than 50% of Income

A dependent contractor is a status that is essentially a middle ground between an employee and an independent contractor. Where a court has determined that the individual does not fall into the category of employee, the court will undertake a test to determine whether the worker is either a dependent contractor or an independent contractor. […]

Bonus Payments – When is an Employee Entitled to a Bonus Payment during a Notice Period?

In Dawe v. Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Canada, the Court of Appeal recently reviewed the circumstances when an employee may be entitled to a bonus payment during a notice period. The case involved an employee (“Mr. Dawe”) who had worked for Equitable Life Insurance as a Senior Vice President. Mr. Dawe’s employment was terminated […]