Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Employment Releases in Ontario

A recent case from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Watson v. Governing Council of the Salvation Army of Canada, will significantly alter the way settlements and releases ought to be structured involving employees who have experienced sexual harassment in the workplace. The employee worked for the Salvation Army as a manager from April 2011 […]

Non-Solicitation Clauses – Update for Employers

In the recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, MD Physician Services Inc. v. Wisniewski, the Court upheld the decision of the lower court on the enforceability of the non-solicitation clause. The case involved two employees who were hired by MD Management Ltd. (“MDM”), a wholly owned subsidiary of MD Physician Services Inc., to […]

Employer Requirement of Permanent Residency held to be Discriminatory

In the decision of Haseeb v. Imperial Oil Ltd., the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario determined that an employer discriminated against a prospective employee because it required the ability to work in Canada on a “permanent basis” (citizenship or permanent residency) as a condition of employment. The applicant was an international engineering student at McGill […]

Employee on Sick Leave Entitled to Salary During Notice Period

In a recent case from the Divisional Court, McLeod v. 1274458, the Court recently upheld the Superior Court’s decision on the issue of whether an employer is entitled to give working notice (rather than pay in lieu of notice) to an employee who is incapable of working for medical reasons. The case involved an employee […]